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Who Are Museum Detox?

We’re a network for people of colour who work in the museums, galleries, libraries and heritage sector in the UK. Our priority is to support the wellbeing of Detox members.

Our Vision

Museum Detoxers empower and support each other to heal, to be ourselves and to reclaim our history. We collectively learn ways to practice self and community care, collective action and solidarity. Through our self-actualisation we will inspire a more equitable museums and cultural heritage sector.

We do this for each other, our audiences, and society at large.

Our Values


Museum Detox works to achieve equity for people of colour in the sector. We believe changes will happen when inclusion, equality and justice are implemented in cultural organisations. We seek to embrace our differences, and create a radically inclusive space where members of all intersectionalities thrive.


​Museum Detox is an inclusive space for compassion, friendship and understanding that helps to heal the damage done by institutional racism.


Racism is violence and trauma; Museum Detox helps its members to build their agency in resisting these. We listen to each other's needs when the institutions we work for often do not. As part of Detox we feel a sense of belonging, connection and community.


Museum Detox believes in activism, both quiet and loud. We challenge the sector’s gatekeepers, even when our voices shake. We disrupt cultures of white supremacy and privilege.


Museum Detox transforms the sector through action. We empower each other to challenge current norms and practices. We amplify and celebrate our authentic voices. Our self-actualisation, experience, skills, and expertise drive the changes we strive for collectively.

Museum Detox Committee

Museum Detox is run by a team of volunteers who help its members, respond to enquiries, organise events, fundraise, campaign and much more.

Alongside all of that, the Committee, like the rest of us, have family, personal and professional commitments. This means that if you have a question it might take a while before we can get back to you.


All content, opinions and views expressed on this site are from members of the volunteer-led network, Museum Detox CIC. Views shared here are neither accountable to nor are they necessarily representative of an individual member’s workplace.

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