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Thank you for your interest in joining up to become a member of Museum Detox. 


What's the criteria?

You must:

1. Identify as non-white, as a person of colour. 
2. Have experience of working in the museums, galleries, libraries, archives, and the heritage sector. 
3. Sign up once! (This is just to manage the capacity of the Exec Team)


What does the sign up process look like?

After completing our Mailchimp sign up form, you'll get a confirmation email that it has been successfully submitted. 

However, this confirmation email does not mean that you have been admitted into the network. 


This is because before letting you in, we need to verify that you're a real person who matches up to our criteria. And it can take a while to be processed. This is because Museum Detox is run by volunteers, and we do not want to rush this process as the safety and well-being of our members is integral to our network.

Thank you! We will contact you in due course


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