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All Welcome At ThinkIn With Tortoise

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

On the 15th of January, Tortoise are hosting a ThinkIn in their newsroom on Decolonising museums and galleries. What is it going to take to change? Britain's arts and heritage sectors have endeavoured to open the doors to diversity and inclusion in recent times. But what does ‘decolonisation’ actually involve, how far have they come, and how much further is left to go? The discussion will take in debates around quotas, diversity schemes, repatriation of objects and overcoming structural inequality to create a richer, broader arts and heritage landscape in terms of its workforce and audiences.

The conversation will be mediated by Arifa Akbar, chief theatre critic at The Guardian, and we'll be joined by John Orna-Ornstein, director of culture at the National Trust, Errol Francis (CEO of Culture&) along with other experts from across the sector. A ThinkIn isn't a panel discussion, it's a forum for civilised disagreement where you get to say what you think. Join us at the ThinkIn to make your voices heard.

Click here to book in to the ThinkIn.

Tortoise have told us that they want to: a) Get as many of the Museum Detox community to come to this ThinkIn as possible, as our experience and expertise is exactly what they need in this discussion.b) Offer free memberships to our community so that we can attend any ThinkIns

and read their journalism.

Written by Cina Rama



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